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Advanced Analytics

Our analytics platform empowers airport managers with unprecedented levels of operational intelligence. We seamlessly collect granular data on key metrics (e.g. total operations, aircraft types, and runway utilization), so that managers can make informed decisions to optimize efficiency, improve resource allocation, and enhance overall performance. Our analytics solution isn't just about numbers; it's about unlocking meaningful insights that drive actionable results.

Aircraft Footage

Our novel AI-backed video tracking system sets a new precedent in runway-based aviation monitoring. Every takeoff and landing is captured autonomously, with 4K precision, providing invaluable insights for pilots, airports, and the public alike. Whether it's used to enhance training protocols, conduct post-incident analysis, or simply offer breathtaking views of aviation in action, our video tracking system delivers an unparalleled perspective and unique revenue-generating opportunities, all in high definition.

Landing Fee Collection System

Our landing fee collection system streamlines financial transactions with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. We autonomously collect landing fees on behalf of airports to eliminate administrative burdens and ensure seamless revenue management. Through our customizable billing processes and transparent fee structures, airport managers can maximize revenue potential while minimizing operational overhead.

Noise Abatement System

Our noise abatement system represents a paradigm shift in community engagement and environmental stewardship. Leveraging advanced corridor analysis and real-time flight path data, airport managers can proactively address noise concerns and mitigate community impact. Utilizing data banks, historical flight data is archived indefinitely but is available at the push of a button. From identifying noise hotspots to enforcing compliance, our system empowers airports to foster a harmonious relationship with their neighbors and increase operational efficiency.

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